ROME, NY - JULY 24, 1999

A DMB fan review:
"Show was absolutely off the hook. I remember they came out on stage and it took 5 minutes or more for them to break into #41. Everyone was going nuts waiting. The crowd was at least 120,000 strong. DMB was probably the key headliner of that entire music fest, or at least appealed to the largest audience. Everyone sang #41, and all the rest. I was about four rows back from LeRoi, it had taken me an hour and a half to get there all during the Counting Crows' set. I hoisted a girl I didn't know unto my shoulders during Two Step and she promptly submitted her boobs for viewing, (as many girls were.) It was about 100 degrees the entire time DMB was playing and the crowd was thicker then anything I've ever seen. You'd jump into the air and get stuck. It's the only DMB show I've ever seen people crowd surf at. It was great, very different from other DMB shows cause it was Woodstock man".