AUGUST 10, 2000

Here's the article about the event from a Charlottesville newspaper:

When the word finally gets out to millions of female fans that Dave Matthews tied the knot with his longtime sweetie, Ashley Harper, there's sure to be anguish. But tie the knot they did. A marriage license filed the previous day in Albemarle County Circuit Court attests that David John Matthews and Jennifer Ashley Harper were wed Thursday, August 10, 2000.

Dave's publicist isn't issuing so much as a confirmation of the marriage, but little tidbits about the shindig are leaking out. Sources have confirmed that the nighttime event occurred at Blenheim, a historic farm that is the home of Dave's mother, Val Matthews. Catering was by the C&O. More importantly, in the rock world where girlfriends disappear faster than unsuccessful videos, the Matthews-Harper relationship has some impressive longevity. "I'm insane for this woman," Dave told Cville back in the summer of 1993 when the Dave Matthews Band was still playing debutante parties and Trax-type clubs along the East Coast.