ERIN'S STORY - July 2005:

Tuesday night I sat 10 rows from the front at the Tweeter Center for Dave right down the middle and it was fucking awesome. I could see every eyebrow raise he did, every detail of what he was wearing, and could see him joking around with Stefan already after they were done playing. It was the best night ever because for all those who know me well know that I am OBSESSED to say the least about DMB.

So then my cousin gets texted from her friend who got us the seats direction to the backstage entrance and that's when I thought I was going to die (the first time). We go to the entrance and her friend Alex comes out to meet us and take us in. The first 20 minutes we were just in the lounge with a bunch of other people with couches and food and an open bar (w/the craziest looking beer bottles ever). We were drinking and can't believe we're even where we are and Alex tells us that the crew party is going to start, so he gave each of us those bracelets that you can't get off unless cut, and we walk back towards the loading dock where they back the trailer trucks in and unload equipment. There was like 50 people all strictly crew or friends of the band. Each trailer had a different theme. There was poker, which was too rich for my blood, a martini bar, a foos ball tournament trailer, coolers filled with beer all over, music going, and you could smell the weed.

So we're just staring and Ed, my sis's friend, just turns around while were all distracted and shakes his hand and says "I just wanted to tell you how awesome you guys were tonight" and Dave was like "Thanks man". We couldn't believe Ed had the balls. So then Alex just pulls over Dave and is like Dave come here. So Dave comes over and is like with his sexy accent "How ya'll doin tonight?" and we're like on my God, and Alex introduced us and we all just were like "You played so awesome. We're such big fans", and he was all like "Thank you, thank you, appreciate that" and then someone else called his name and he left into a trailer for the rest of the night we think to smoke weed because that's all you could smell coming out of there.

We were talking and laughing and being giddy because we just met Dave. Boyd walks in so this time we grew balls and first my sis went up to him and was like "Do you mind helping a fellow wahoo out(b/c they both went to UVA) and he's like "Sure", and signed our cds for us. Then he disappeared for a couple minuntes, came back, and I was just like "Boyd, I love you guys so much. You're awesome. Can I get a pic?" and he laughed because I was like "I love you" and gave me a hug. He's so tall I came up to like his middle and he's built like a mother fucker and he gave me a kiss on the cheek and we got a pic together. Then we smoked weed with their manager again and by then it was like 2:30 and we left. Hands down the best night of my life. Better than anything. Better than sex. Hope I'll get another chance and this time I'll annoy Dave for an autograph.

So we're mingling waiting to see our first sighting and then Leroi came in back left real quick and then Stefan came in and sat down to play poker while we smoked weed with the band's manager. Then we're standing by the martini trailer and I see this guy walk by me in a blue shirt and go in to get a drink he comes out again and it's fucking Dave, who's sooo fucking hot in person and incredibily sexy. I'll have good dreams for the rest of my life. He's 3 feet away talking to friends. My sister's bro and her friend are freaking out, like "Oh my God, I just saw a God and Alex was like "Just go up to him. He's laidback. He won't mind", but we're like "Oh my God....yea right. To you Alex he's a regular guy, but to us he's God".