London, England
November 13, 2001

Some fans had travelled over 7,500 miles to be there...
...and at a little before 1:30 PM, Dave took the stage, armed with an acoustic guitar and the mother of all hangovers to a rapturous 700+ capacity crowd at the Virgin Megastore, Oxford Street, London. Once the barrage of flash photography subsided, Dave delivered five songs hallmarked by his instantly recognisable husky vocal stylings and ever shifting live arrangements before leaving the stage to return for a much demanded encore.

During the set we were also treated to an anecdote from some talk radio Dave had heard where a Cleveland US Senator had been obsessed with the baggy pants of today's youth showing too much of their buttocks (or was it anus?)... This obviously had him amused.

With the gig over the signing got underway and with lines stretching all the way around the basement of the Megastore he was going to be there for some time.