DAVE MATTHEWS BAND in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
January 21, 2001

While in Rio, Dave and the boys chatted on-line with their fans. They discussed their new album, their experience in Rio, and much much more:

OnlineHost: Dave Matthews Band has just arrived!! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the Dave Matthews Band! Thanks for being this afternoon with us, guys.

DMB: Hello, we just sat down. It's great to be here. What's happening?

Question: Are you all excited to start touring with the new album to see the fans' reactions to the "new sound"?

DMB: Oh, yeah, we're excited to see where the music goes, too.

Question: Do you know how much of an Internet phenomenon you are, such as with the sites DMBML, Nancies, etc.?

DMB: Yeah, we've been pretty much aware of that. It's very cool that there are lots of Web sites that talk about us and the fans.

Question: Dave, my birthday is on May 27. I heard rumors that you call your fans on their birthdays, and I was wondering if you would call me. Please tell Boyd that my cousin's birthday is on May 16 too.

DMB: Cool, man... you have to remind me again to call you.

Question: What would your profession be if you had never formed a band?

DMB: McDonald's, bartending, broke... probably teaching school or flying airplanes.

Question: What's your favorite song to play live?

DMB: "Forty-one."

Question: What's your favorite song off of the new album?

DMB: "When the World Ends" is my favorite... that's phat!

Question: DMB, you guys rule. I was wondering when your next concert in Illinois is.

DMB: I don't know, but this summer definitely, we're doing a couple of shows... in Chicago, so we'll get there.

Question: Are there any Brazilian artists in Rio that you enjoy listening to now, or do you ever see yourselves collaborating with them? Leo, Charlottesville, Virginia.

DMB: Gilberto Gil, definitely.

Question: Is it true that the band will be on the February cover of Rolling Stone?

DMB: Huh! I hope so... hahaha!

Question: Dave, why the sudden absence of flannel pants?

DMB: 'Cause it's 90 degrees outside!

OnlineHost: Question from DMBgoalkeeper:

Question: Will there ever be another Dave and Timmy tour?

DMB: There is not one planned at the moment.

Question: Do all of you enjoy meeting fans, or are some of them just too insane?

DMB: Those are two different questions. We love our fans!

Question: Are you going to play any new songs tonight?

DMB: We might put in some bits in there. We'll see what happens.

Question: Dave, did you get your birthday card from DMBML? If not, then we all wish you a very happy belated birthday.

DMB: Thank you very much. I got lots of birthday cards.

Question: Hey, Boyd, Carter, LeRoi, Dave and Stefan -- just wanted to say that you guys amaze me every time I see you play. Will the Lillywhite sessions ever be released, or will they just be peeking through set lists once in a while?

DMB: We're definitely going to play those songs. They're great songs, and the recordings that we did with Steve were definitely one of the best!

Question: If given the option of seeing only one band (active, broken up or passed away) perform, who would you be most interested in seeing?

DMB: Bob Marley. There are so many, but Bob Marley is definitely the favorite. John Lennon.

Question: What made you pick up the electric? Was it something Glen Ballard (producer of "Everyday") suggested? Or did you think about it on your own? Or did someone like Tim Reynolds or a friend suggest it?

DMB: No, it was just in the room. It was a baritone... it's a fffffffffine guitar!

Question: So where did you all meet, and was it all at one time, one place, where?

DMB: We all met in Charlottesville, Virginia. It was scattered over the years, but we met over time.

Question: Hey, I just wanted to ask the band if they are going to make a video for "I Did It." Also does this mean that Dave is going to be touring with an electric guitar?

DMB: I'm definitely going to play the electric guitar a bit, and we're going to be making the video in a couple of days, yes.

Question: How long have you been working on your current album?

DMB: We did it in two months, from nothing to done.

Question: What kind of collaborations would you, Dave, or anyone in the band like to do in the future?

DMB: We're open and just waiting to see what comes.

Question: Carter, thanks for the drumstick at Alpine this summer! Do the drums have a different sound on "Everyday"?

DMB: Yes. Different sound because they are more present. They are just phat!!

Question: Just wondering if Arizona will be included in this year's tour. We missed you guys last summer (hint). Spring is a much nicer time of the year. You guys will not melt. :o) Love you guys, Michelle Greco.

DMB: I'm not sure, but spring is a much nicer time of year.

Question: Dave, how has the married life changed you? I'm sure it's for the better, but do you find yourself going to bed by 10:00 now? PS: How's Goda?

DMB: The dog is fine, and so is married life.

Question: How will your live shows change now that the new songs seem to be more electric-based and structured?

DMB: The same way they've changed in the past and hopefully will change as long as we're together -- they just keep changing.

Question: Carter, are you still doing double-bass stuff and single-stroke rolls and triplets and all the stuff you have done on previous albums on the new album? Because it sounds as if you are playing more straight-forward stuff.

DMB: I'm still doing the same stuff but putting it in special spots, and not overkill, like it was before.

Question: With almost all of you married now, are you looking to take an extended break, similar to what Phish is doing, in the near future?

DMB: Ain't planning on it, no. We will run while we have legs.

Question: Will songs such as "Grey Street," "Grace Is Gone," "Bartender," "Sweet Up & Down" from the Lillywhite sessions ever be released?

DMB: I don't know. I love those songs, but I really don't know yet.

OnlineHost: We would like to thank Dave Matthews Band for being here today live from the Rock in Rio music festival!

DMB: Thank you all very much for spending your time with us!

OnlineHost: Thanks again, and boa tarde from Rio!!